Uflex – Different variants of extrusion lamination machines available

The EL-1300 extrusion lamination machine is now available in different variants (Source: Uflex)
Responding to an ever-increasing demand from the convertors’ sector, Uflex launched the EL-1300 extrusion lamination machine in India 2016. In the meantime the machine received great feedback from Indian convertors and turned out to be a huge success. Innovation to create value added differentiation being the guiding vector at Uflex, the quest for re-engineering to…

Zecher – SteppedHex engraving for optimised finishing and spot-varnishing

Magnified view on the Zecher SteppedHex engraving for optimised finishings and spot-varnishing performance (Source: Zecher)
GERMANY • The manufacturer of premium anilox rollers developed the SteppedHex technology. Based on an application of the parameters of 60° engraving, it offers both an alternative to it and additional benefits. SteppedHex engraving assists the printer’s task with improved emptying of the anilox roller cells to deliver optimised printing results. This is proven by a…

Cosmo Films – Anti-fog film for wider applications

Cosmo Films’ new anti-fog film is suitable for packaging of even unpolished fruits
INDIA • The manufacturer of speciality BOPP films has come up with an improvised anti-fog film with excellent cold & hot anti fog properties and high hot tack & low co-efficient of friction which can deliver high speed over wrapping performance. This means that the film would now be suitable for packaging of even unpolished fruits…

Zeller+Gmelin – No bisphenol A in new UV flexo ink series

Quality control for printing inks in the laboratory using a proof printing device (Source: Zeller+Gmelin)
GERMANY • The low-migration UV-flexo printing inks of the Uvaflex FCM-Y81-series offer a high degree of migration safety and feature low odour. Moreover, the formulation of the new ink series completely dispenses with BPA-containing raw materials. They are therefore particularly suitable for the printing of labels, folding boxes and flexible packaging in the food sector. The…

Glatz Klischee – Investment in Esko XPS Crystal 5080

Glatz Klischee has installed an Esko XPS Crystal 5080 to help ensure print quality (Source, Glatz)
BELGIUM • Since UV exposure is a crucial step in stable and consistent flexo plate making, the Austrian prepress service provider installed Esko’s new XPS Crystal 5080. Glatz’s management determined that UV plate exposure was a weak link in the process and that traditional light tube exposure units have reached their limits.

Montalvo – EtherNet/IP available for Z4 tension controllers

Montalvo’s Ethernet/IP is now available new and already in use Z4 tension controllers (Source, Montalvo)
USA • The new ODVA EtherNet/IP communication platform for the series of Z4 tension controllers is now available as a communication option. It allows to interface with an existing HMI on the operator panel of the machine. It also allows management to record, and store information about the condition of the machine. Finally, it can…