Glunz & Jensen – Flexscan 1800 for prepress QC

Glunz & Jensen said it can cut repro time up to 80 % on each sleeve or adaptor and that the machine will deliver a return on investment within a maximum of 2 years, depending on the amount of sleeves produced
DENMARK • Following two years of development its client, RC Group, Glunz & Jensen introduced the Flexscan 1800. Designed as an element in the flexo prepress production line, the Flexscan 1800 enables trade shops and converters to control sleeve quality before going on press, which prevents production stops and optimises press runs.

Bemis Company – Flexible Packaging Association award for self-venting pouch

The microwave-friendly design includes cool touch zones, Bemis Magic Steam technology, and controlled venting to eliminate hot or cold spots
USA • The Flexible Packaging Association recognized Bemis Company during its 60th annual awards program with the “Highest Achievement Award” for the Campbell’s Ready Meals pouch. The Campbell’s Ready Meals self-venting pouch is designed for consumers seeking convenient, portable meals.

Asahi Photoproducts – EFIA Gold Award for improved OEE

Asahi Photoproducts earned the EFIA sustainability award with its proof of concept test that demonstrate a 26% OEE improvement
BELGIUM • The European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) awarded a 2016 “Gold Award” for sustainable manufacturing and product innovation to Asahi Photoproducts for its pinning technology for clean transfer. The technology can improve ink transfer, reduce dot gain by reducing ink filling at the mid-tone area and can improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Allservices Aufer – New agreements with flexo partners

The company also said it’s able to perform upgrades and retrofitting of machinery, giving the chance to the customers to exchange obsolete equipment to ones present in the market
SPAIN • Allservices Aufer, a service, spare parts and consumables alternative in the rotogravure cylinder production market has made new agreements with partners in the flexo market, having the possibility to offer a wide range of doctor blades, cleaning products and measuring devices for anilox and flexo plates.

Polymount – New global sales director

Kraft studied prepress in the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart and has a Master in Packaging Technology from the International Packaging Institute in Switzerland
THE NETHERLANDS • Stefan Kraft joined Polymount International as its new global sales director at the beginning of 2016. Kraft will support the company’s sales team to secure growth and to expand its presence globally. He is also directly responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.