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www.flexo-gravure.com is the internet portal of Flexo & Gravure Global, the only technology-oriented, global publication (in English) covering all segments of flexo and gravure package printing. Since 1995, Flexo & Gravure Global has provided reliable information and up-to-date reports about all issues in the field of flexo and gravure package printing – online as well as in printed form. A worldwide network of editors and recognized experts blog on our website and publish in our magazine. With a circulation of 13,000 copies per year, we offer well-researched technical articles about print and the production of packaging. In addition to technical articles, there are topical news items on companies, associations, technologies, economics, markets, products, services and events, making Flexo & Gravure Global an indispensable source of information for the industry.

www.flexo-gravure.com is a website of G&K TechMedia, the specialist publisher for flexographic printing and gravure package printing as well as for the production of self-adhesive labels, tags and similar narrow web products.

The Flexo & Gravure Global Team

We always combine expert knowledge with enthusiasm when we report on all sectors of flexo and gravure package printing. Regardless of whether we provide our readers the latest news in our magazine, online or during events,  as the leading technical magazine for package printing, we offer you valuable information via a variety of  communications channels.

Due to our expertise and our considerable network of editors and experts, we are represented in all international markets providing decision makers in package printing a premium reporting facility about  their industry.

Flexo&Gravure Global is:
Official Media Partner of FTA Europe

Media Partner of EFIA European Flexographic Industry Associations




Silja Aretz FezzuoglioSilja Aretz-Fezzuoglio, Marketing Consultant

Phone +49-(0)7641-95786-19

Silja Aretz-Fezzuoglio is your highly skilled contact when it comes to advertisements and marketing at G&K TechMedia.

She started her career in a publishing house for teaching and learning aids, where she was responsible for advertising and public relations. She completed part-time studies as a Business Administrator for Publishing (IHK) with a focus on Marketing. She then switched to other publishing houses in the trade journal sector. Prior to joining G&K TechMedia, she worked in marketing and sales for two magazines — economic engineering in mechanical engineering and plant construction.

As her husband is a trained gravure and flexographic printer and the magazines were already regularly in the mailbox, the switch to Flexo & Gravure Global and its German sister-magazine Flexo+Tief-Druck was an easy decision for Silja Aretz-Fezzuoglio. In her free time, she enjoys leafing through typographically designed books or perusing melodious choral sheet music. In addition to German, Silja Aretz-Fezzuoglio also speaks Italian, English and Spanish.

Contact Silja Aretz-Fezzuoglio: She will advise you on your marketing and communication opportunities in our publications.

Sven Mittermaier, Marketing Consultant

Phone +49-(0)7641-95786-15

As a long-term contact for advertising and marketing since 1994, Sven Mittermaier has helped G&K TechMedia to build and grow several international trade magazines.

Sven Mittermaier speaks German, English, Italian, and French. Even though he is an established  translator, he prefers having personal or verbal contact with people instead of merely translating. In his function as a marketing consultant, this is a clear benefit.

After his professional activities, he recovers by painting, swimming, playing tennis and walking with his dog. He often spends his holiday in the Swiss Alps and at the Baltic Sea. Please feel free to contact Sven Mittermaier. He is happy to advise you on your marketing and communication concepts for our trade magazines.


Michael Buchsbaum, Editor Flexo & Gravure Global

Phone +49-(0)7641-95786-28









Angela Woyciechowski, Trainee Content Marketing

Phone +49-(0)7641-95786-13

Angela Woyciechowski studied Media and Journalism at the universities of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Aarhus (Denmark) and Hamburg (Germany). Before, during and after her studies, she worked in Berlin, Shanghai, Paris and Panama. She gained practical work experience at the German television broadcaster ZDF and NDR, the Goethe Institute and the Federal Foreign Office. For her work at the publishing house G+K TechMedia, she came back to her home town Freiburg.