Applied Laser Engineering – Harmony for engraving applications

Applied Laser Engineering (ALE) designs and manufactures a range of laser engraving and scanning systems. Its engraving systems utilise state of the art laser technology for engraving, texturing, imaging and micromachining the surface of cylindrical printing formes that are used in a variety of printing, embossing or texturing applications. Though all current ALE machines engrave onto a cylindrical surfaces, some of the products are used for flat applications (Hall N2 Stand A157).

The speciality of ALE systems is the high registration accuracy over small and very large formats. On offer are machines in the field with cylinder handling capacity of eight metres (315”) face width and diameter of 1.2 metres 47”). The engraving pixel size typically ranges from 2 microns upwards with a system resolution of 1 micron in all axes.



The Harmony 500 watt laser system

On show at All in Print China 2018 will be the Harmony 500 watt laser system. This new system operates in CW and pulsed modes, implying that metals, ceramics and polymeric can all be engraved with one laser. This gives the end user multiple application options including laser engraving for anilox rollers, flexo engraving, embossing, gravure, optical films, security, and printed electronics all on one machine with a single laser.

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