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    Anilox is a short inking system which is applied to put an accurately dosed quantity of printing ink on a flexographic printing plate. During the printing process, the anilox roller is of significant importance with respect to a constantly and homogeneously dosed ink quantity. The anilox roller defines the exact transmission of the printing ink on the printing plate surface.
    The anilox roller is with respect to the short inking system of central importance. A anilox roller guarantees for the constant and homogenous dosage of the amount of ink during the printing process. It controls the transfer of the ink onto the printing plate surface.
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    If one applies the chambered doctor blade system, one scraps off with a doctor blade the superfluous ink of the anilox roller surface. The chamber is pressed with air pressure close to the screen roller. Doctor blades are usually made of steel, ceramic or plastic. Companies in the field of Chamber doctor blades:
    Colour management is a method used to reproduce a template as similar as possible that previously has been ascertained by an input device.
    Colour measurement is referred to various methods applied in order to evaluate the colour quality and thereby the reproduction quality of print products.
    Companies in the field of computer-to-plate-systems:
    Converting is a collective term for various downstream working steps subsequent to the printing process. The overall objective of these converting steps is the value adding in general and the preparation of the printed packaging for the filling process in detail. Standard applications are varnishing, laminating, winding, slitting and die-cutting.

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    Because gravure cylinders are usually coated with copper, they are also called copper cylinder. On its surface, the print image is engraved with a graver, a needle, a laser or roulette. The generated wells are called hot cups.
    Cylinder engraving is the transfer of the print image on the gravure cylinder.
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    In the field of decorative printing a variety of applications for consumer and industrial applications are produced. Typical examples encompass the production of wrapping papers as well as wallpapers right up to materials for transfer printing. Another fields are papers and plastics which are used for the production of furniture, flooring and countertops.

    Densitometer measure the reflectance of a color by a particular filter. The result is called solid density. By means of this test method one can draw and derive conclusions about the thickness of the ink layer on the substrate.

    The DFTA Flexo Association e.V. based in Stuttgart represents about 300 mainly medium-sized member companies of the flexographic printing industry. The association sees itself as a service provider for the German companies of the flexographic printing industry as well as for the suppliers, the prepress and the processors.
    Companies in the field of digital imagesetters:
    Digital printing process means primarily toner printing and inkjet printing. In contrast to the conventional mass printing processes you can change in digital printing the print image for each print. This allows individualized print products. Online label printers frequently use digital printing systems.
    Doctor blades are thin and ground tools used to remove excess transfer media off the surface of anilox rollers (in flexo printing) or printing cylinders (in gravure printing). The core task of the doctor blade is to ensure that only the pre-defined amount of transfer media remains in the cells. Usually, doctor blades are made of stainless steel (coated or uncoated) but also composite materials are used.   Companies in the field of doctor blade   Daetwyler_SwissTec_Logo_500x151px    
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    Elastomeric flexo printing forms are sleeves with a photo polymeric or elastomeric surface which is imaged prior to the actual printing process.
    Companies in the field of electrostatics:
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    Engraving systems ensure the transmission of the image information on the gravure cylinder. For this purpose, diamond stylus or laser are used as tools.  
    Companies in the field of ERP software:
    Companies in the field of extrusion machine:  
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    During film extrusion, a firm and viscous as well as curable composition is continuously forced out under pressure from a shaping opening.
    Film lamination, also called cellophane, is a method that intends to glue the surface of a material such as paper or cardboard with a foil in order to affect the mechanical and optical properties of the material.
    Flexo plates are flexible relief printing plates usually made of photopolymer elastomer materials. In relief printing, the image or printing area is raised above the non-image areas. Of the five printing standard processes in package and label printing, those relying on relief printing are flexo and letterpress. Companies in the field of flexo plate:
    Flexo printing is a rotary printing process which offers versatile application possibilities due to the flexible printing forme. It is the only printing process able to equals out concentric running irregularities of the printing press and thickness fluctuations of substrates through the flexibility of the flexible printing forme to ensure accurate multi-colour halftone printing. This enables to print on a broad range of substrates ranging from very thin flexible substrates to paper and cardboard to substrates with rough surfaces and even textiles. Companies in the field of flexo printing:
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    Gravure cylinder is the cylindrical printing form for gravure printing. The printed image in the form of tiny cups is chemically etched or engraved electronically on a copper surface. A subsequently applied chromium layer improves the durability of the printed image with higher requirements.
    Gravure printing is one of the oldest printing methods and is rooted in the copper engraving technique. Because the platemaking – etching or engraving of a printing cylinder – is very complex, the gravure is usually used for longer runs. Companies in the field of Gravure Printing:

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    Companies in the field of imaging systems:  
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    Lamination means the process of applying thin mono or multiple layers of usualy thin tranpsarent films onto printed substrates. It is either used to protect them or to improve them with glossy, matt or silk finishing. Such finishes provide many advantages like being tear resistant, more durable and water resistant. Thus, the lamination process combines esthetic improvement and protection of printed packaging. Companies in the field of lamination: 
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    Companies in the field of Management Information System (MIS):  
    Companies in the field of measuring equipment:
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    Companies in the field of package printing: 
    In contrast to the commercial and publication printing, in packaging printing objects are created whose primary function is the wrapping of products. Since packaging is often assigned to trigger an immediate incentive to buy, they are frequently refined as commercial and publication printing products. Companies in the field of packaging printing    
    To this day, printing plates are brought up with a lot of manual labor and dexterity. The quality inspection of the plate mounting is complicated. Meanwhile, there are also machines which allow an operator to conduct an independent and accurate register rearing. Companies in the field of Plate Mounting:
    Companies in the field of Plate Mounting Tapes:
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    Preprint is a method where the cover sheet of corrugated cardboard is first printed in flexographic or offset printing and then laminated onto the corrugated board. The opposite procedure is called Postprint, where the finished corrugated board is directly printed by flexographic printing.
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    Slitter rewinders separate paper or foil webs after the printing process into longitudinal or transversal sections. This must be carried out with high precision and speed.
    Companies in the field of solvent-based ink:
    Companies in the field of solvent recovery systems:  
    Companies in the field of solvent recycling:  
    Companies in the field of solvents:
    The spectrophotometer measures the reflectance values by illuminating the measured surface across the entire spectrum of visible light. This allows to define the exact color locus of the colour and to calculate the colour deviations between two measuring points.
    The stand-up pouch is a light and volume-efficient packaging with a large area of applications and encompasses many specially tailored forms and equipment. Especially in the food sector the stand-up pouch is often the preferred packaging style.
    Companies in the field of Static Elimination Systems    
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    Companies in the field of viscosity measurement:
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    Companies in the field of water-based ink:
    Companies in the field of web cleaning:
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