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Digital Printing today 2-2016

DigitalPrintingtoday 2016

Digital printing opens up a scenario with which all of today’s label and packaging printers have to deal. In the second edition of our special “Digital Printing today” the following articles inform you about the latest trends in digital printing: “Digital printing technology within the corrugated packaging printing market”, “Digital printing: An overview – Part 2” and “Digital printing = growth”.


1. Digital printing technology within the corrugated packaging printing market

The particular requirements of printed corrugated materials are making it more difficult for digital printing technology to move into this sector. Suppliers of digital press technology are beginning to offer attractive options that could help establish a foothold in this market. Read the full article in our eDossier “Special Digital Printing today 2-2016.“

Digital printing technology is working its way into virtually all segments of printed materials used for packaging. It has a well-established presence in labels and is moving forward aggressively in the flexible packaging and folding carton segments. The corrugated market is further down on the list of areas targeted for penetration. However, that doesn’t mean there is no opportunity, and suppliers of digital printing technology are offering attractive products that can provide a positive impact for corrugated converters.

2. Digital printing: An overview – Part 2

Understanding the technology may allow the user to occupy a new position in the packaging printing market. Digital printing opens up a scenario with which all of today’s label and packaging printers have to deal. So it seems appropriate to present the current status of digital packaging printing, explain the benefits and indicate notable conditions. In the first part of this two-part series, we explored the advantages and what to take into account in terms of procedures in packaging printing, like toner, product protection and special colours. Read on for the second part.  In order to get more information, visit our shop to download the whole article for EUR 5,99.

The term “digital printing” includes many procedures. Something they all have in common is the lack of printing plates in the classic sense, and they all print directly from the digital database at the prepress stage. Although the focus of digital packaging printing is still mainly on label manufacturing, it also offers answers to the challenges of current market trends – like short product cycles, variable data printing and print on demand – in other packaging applications.

3. Digital printing = growth

New presses create more than improved processes — they create new markets. A year ago the shareholders of Koenig & Bauer AG agreed to the conversion of the company into a management holding entity. Four operational subsidiary companies were outsourced for the business areas: digital and web (KBA Digital & Web Solutions), sheet (KBA Sheetfed Solutions), financial securities (KBA Notasys) and production (KBA Industrial Solutions). Flexo & Gravure Global spoke with Christoph Müller, the managing director of KBA-Digital & Web Solutions, on the future prospects of his company. And the future is clearly heading towards packaging printing and decorative printing. Learn more about “Special Digital Printing today 2-2016” – you can easily download it  for EUR 5,99 in our shop.

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