Owens-Illinois – digital printing for personalised glass bottles

Samples of directly printed PET bottles (Source: KHS)

USA • Owens-Illinois (O-I) has launched a digital printing method that according to the company may transform the way custom-made and personalised glass bottles are designed. Known as O-I : Expressions, the method is designed to give higher visibility to the brands of design agencies, packaging professionals and food and beverage marketers.

This method allows late-stage design by bringing together the integral benefits of glass and a marketing-focused capability. It will also enable customers to develop brand engagement, improve consumer satisfaction and offer greater value. In addition, O-I : Expressions offers benefits such as flexible volume, industrial speeds and a wide range of colour and design possibilities.


Brands will also have the ability to develop packaging to support short campaigns, including seasonal promotions to mark significant events. The innovation is claimed to be sustainable as it uses organic ink and helps curb waste through lower inventories.

The company expects to bring the O-I : Expressions services to European markets by mid-2019, followed by a commercial launch in the US.

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