Special Digital Printing today 2-2018

Digital printing opens up a perspective, with which all today’s label and packaging printers have to deal. In the second edition of our special “Digital Printing today” 2018 these articles – among others – inform you about the latest trends in digital printing: “Digital printing of flexible packaging” by Armin Karl Geiger and “Five ways to improve interior decoration with digital printing” by Mark Sollman.

Topics of the current issue:


1)      Digital printing of flexible packaging

For converters who supply diversified flexible packaging end markets and brands, the Landa W10 digital web press offers a time-efficient and cost-ef­fective short-run printing solution. According to the Landa Corporation, the press is designed to support flexible substrates like BOPP, PET, BOPA, PE, CPP, and metallised PET.

2)      Five ways to improve interior decoration with digital printing

Digital printing is becoming more and more accessible and affordable. This leads to an increase in creative ways to create interior decoration using on-demand printing. Here are five inspiring ways to use digital print tech­nology to decorate a home or business environment.

3)      Taking UV inkjet to the next level

UV inkjet presses for label and package have been on the market for a number of years. In the early days, whilst showing promise, they rarely delivered the quality and reliability to be taken seriously by most converters. Digital technology was generally viewed as great for very short runs and personalised, potentially gimmicky projects, but not relevant in the main­stream market. Typically the market for digital printing was dominated by toner-based systems, where the quality was very good and a wide range of substrates was known to be available. In this “niche” market, the high running costs, low speed and complexity of these devices was deemed ac­ceptable, as run lengths were very short and, crucially, margins were high.


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