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Expert level training course

Advanced Flexographic Printing

(Photo Credit: Sabine Aulehla)

You’re looking for a flexographic intensive course in the English language? You want to learn as much as possible in a minimum amount of time? With our 5 day course Advanced Flexography, held in English, you may gain advanced knowledge about the parameters of Flexo printing and learn how to handle them.

Immediate quality and earning benefits
Would you like to print quality jobs virtually effortless? Participants of our Flexo training courses can! Back home at their regular job they will immediately improve on their factory’s quality output and productivity. They usually act as multipliers.

With everybody working according to our top DFTA standards you will immediate-ly boost print quality, productivity and earnings, and find yourself going after print jobs that had been believed to be suitable only for competitive printing methods!

Get aware of the key factors!
Flexography, undoubtedly, is the most versatile, economical and sustainable one of the printing methods in use in packaging printing. The quality advancements achieved throughout the past few years also make it the most universal printing method.

In our classroom training sessions we do provide the participants of our training courses with the necessary cognition about all the technical factors of top quality and high productivity flexographic printing. We have 20+ years of experience of conducting training courses in Flexo printing.

Get on-press Experiences!
Admittedly, cognition learned in classroom training courses may not be as long-lasting as if gathered through hands-on practice. This is why our training courses consist of a combination of class and practice. We operate a contemporary CI press with 8 colour decks, 1300 mm working width and a maximum speed of 500 m/min, which is being used throughout the training sessions to let the participants have access to the real look, feel and smell of Flexo printing. Furthermore, we do show them our latest homemade developments of performing Flexography with exceptional print quality at minimal cost!

(Photo Credit: (c) Sabine Aulehla FOTOFAKTUR (R))

Course Topics
The training course introduces Flexography and other printing methods on a beginner level, but then quickly turns to advanced levels of prepress with its sections of repro and plate making. Further advanced contents comprise printing inks, colorimetry and colour measurement, anilox rollers, unwinding of cylinders, press speed, impression, measurement technology and trouble shooting, as well as intensive practical exercises. For easier didactical reference the practical exer-cises are carried out on our full scale printing press (CI).

Your Benefits
With our training course Advanced Flexography the participants may gain expert level in Flexo in the shortest possible amount of time. The course contains all relevant aspects of flexographic printing in detail, while providing insights in the respective prepress topics as well. All contents are supplied through an extensive script, provided both in printed format and digitally.

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