Enulec – Latest technologies in electrostatics on display in Milan

The Enulec ESA1000 system is integrated into the gravure printing presses of all major European manufactures (Source: Enulec)

ITALY • Enulec is a leading manufacturer of electrostatic printing assist (ESA) systems. This technology is almost indispensable for achieve high quality gravure printing and converting of flexible packaging substrates, cardboard packaging or decorative paper. At Print4All, the company will exhibit its latest products for ESA applications. (Hall 18 Stand D32)

Roto Film-Pro

Roto Film-Pro is a new technical development that enables gravure printers to safely print film substrates with a unique capacitance free charge technology. The system effectively performs ESA through all types of film substrates in a dynamically balanced charge format designed to counteract double layer charges that can reside in films throughout the printing and converting processes.


The new system has fully integrated static controls while incorporating ramp up power control for safely increasing ESA power levels at start-up to run speed. In order to further enhance safety, the system continuously reads all resistance parameters of the ESA system relative to the process and keeps the operator informed of ESA roll resistance details necessary to provide safe operation. For the first time, ESA communicates in complete coordination with the gravure press, administered and set-up automatically independence on the production conditions and on machine configuration. All components are clearly located on a touch screen with intuitive controls, information and signals.

The Enulec system is an integral unit, consisting of ESA, electrostatic discharge and charging control, in a dynamically balanced charging program configured to minimize static charges on the web.

 Static inline control

The Enulec inline static measurement system provides predictive analytics for process optimization with increased safety during production. Substrates of all types are measured in real-time for electrostatic charge inline on extrusion lines, presses, laminators and slitters for continuity in the production process. Static values of the web are automatically recorded, time stamped and stored in the data logger program. The system provides all information necessary to maintain a safe operating environment throughout manufacturing operations.

When a pre-selectable warning threshold has been reached, the system provides a signal to the operator that displays information advising of the critical state of any static electrical charge which is present. The equipment further provides a signal contact to the machine control for production to operate within the safety parameters of your process.

24 Volt technology

Enulec presents LDS-Pro, a new discharge system with 24V input voltage. The intensity of this discharge bar can be automatically adjusted to the respective application, thus allowing for material optimized discharging. The new 24 volt fully automatic static control LDS-Pro can be expanded with Enulec’s intelligent QM control for real-time display of static values with data capture and storage. The system provides management with static safety information of printing and converting production processes for safe and efficient control.

Features of the 24 Volt technology also include:

  • High efficiency and functional range polarizing distances up to 600mm
  • Superior discharge performance with all pertinent static data
  • Fully approved to the latest ATEX regulations (2016)
  • Safe 100% shock free
  • Performance indicator with easy to read display
  • Clean bar indication
  • Quality management with Roto-Green remote control

In addition, the 24 Volt technology eliminates any combination of double layer and conventional charges.

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