What now for lamination?

RK Print Coat’s Rotary Coater is able to undertake hot melt extrusion coating using two different methods depending upon the viscosity of the hot melt
Why do we laminate and why has it, over the years, become such an increasingly important production process? The short answer, perhaps, is that lamination allows for an almost unlimited range of often very dissimilar materials and structures to be economically combined in order that unique performance benefits can be obtained that would be difficult…

Water-based cleaning system for anilox rollers

The enpurex cleaning innovation is a physical cleaning principle which works in three steps: 1 = Infiltration and diffusion into the ink layer, 2 = Fragmentation of ink and 3 = Removal after a water rinse.
This article describes a cleaning system (enpurex from bubbles & beyond) for anilox rollers and gravure cylinders tested under laboratory and field conditions by the Leipzig University of Applied Science at the recently established HTWK’s faculty iP³ Leipzig (Institute of Printing, Processing and Packaging, Leipzig/D).