Tresu/Lohmann – Collaboration to show quality of flexo on carton packaging

Using Tresu’s Flexo Innovator printing line, with Lohmann’s compressible Duploflex 5.2 foam mounting tape, the companies reproduced in 60lpc resolution an 1889 self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh (Source: Tresu)
DENMARK/GERMANY • Flexo machine and equipment provider Tresu and mounting tape manufacturer Lohmann have collaborated to show how flexo printing can efficiently meet brand-owners’ expectations for high-quality, impactful folding carton packaging.

Interview Series: What do UK companies think about printing for food packaging?

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JFM has worked hard to standardise the prepress process and implement ­technology to meet evolving customer needs
In order to address increasing concerns about plastic waste and food safety, several printers and suppliers in the UK and Ireland were asked for their thoughts on what many consider to be a growing crisis. The European Flexographic Industry Association approached its members about this topic and found that innovation is the dominant response to…