AV Flexologic introduces its semi-automatic mounting machine

AV Flexologic samm prepress
AV Flexologic’s Semi Automatic Mounting Machine will be demonstrated

THE NETHERLANDS • AV Flexologic announced the new semi-automatic mounting machine, Samm Postprint. The machine mounts flexographic printing plates onto plastic film using a patented image recognition software that measures the position of the mounting materials in real time. The operator pre-positions the plates roughly on the mounting table. Once the machine recognizes the mounting marks, the plate is automatically positioned.

The cylinder then comes up automatically, and the pressure roller presses the plate pneumatically onto the film. The operator then uses the foot pedal to rotate the cylinder and ensure the plate is mounted without air conclusion.


The fixed one-size-fits-all mounting cylinder is directly driven (gearless) by means of a computer controlled electronic motor. It’s standard provided with a lock for the so-called Matthews or Bobst system, however other systems can be used as well. The Samm Postprint is available in cylinder widths of 3000mm (118”) or 3500mm (138”) and a maximum cylinder repeat of 1700mm (67”).

The Samm Postprint software automatically calculates any distortion based on the information provided in the job. Distortion is then digitally compensated, according to AV Flexologic. Therefore one mounting drum is suitable for all presses.

Optionally, a proof drum with digital adjustment can be installed if a proof is required. In this case, after mounting, the plate cylinder is automatically brought to the correct position for pulling a proof.

According to AV Flexologic, the machine’s patented robotic positioning, with up to 5 micron precision, prevents press downtime and optimizes the prepress workflow. Other patented features include DOAL lights, digital calibration of the camera beam and automatic quality check.

The machine is compatible with most PDF type workflows, ESKO Plate Patcher and Hybrid Patchplanner.

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