Customised printing unit for converting machines

DENMARK • Danish flexo printing technology provider TRESU Group, has introduced a flexo printing solution for integration inline with converting machines for disposable sanitary napkins. The unit, custom-developed following longterm collaboration with leading global sanitary napkin brand owners, applies patterns on the inside of the napkin.


Allan Sander, Sales Director MBA, TRESU Solutions comments: “Demand for an efficient means of applying patterns has arisen following research that shows increased consumer loyalty to brands featuring printed designs. The customised printing integration system enables the personal hygiene industry to achieve this, while maintaining a cost-controlled, flexible, single-pass operation.”

Built to accommodate different web-fed materials, the unit comprises up to four water-based colours, a hot air dryer and, at the embossing point, a register guidance camera. The printing solution formation contained within a module offers both a compact footprint and an operator-friendly design.

The register guidance system ensures synchronisation of the printed pattern with the crease in the centre of the napkin, at speeds of up to 400 m/min (approximately 2000 pieces per minute). Using the converting machine interface signals as point of reference, the control module influences the servo motors to ensure accuracy is maintained on-the-fly throughout the production run. Servo drives ensure automatically controlled, precise print speed and ink flow, so that operation without inhouse flexo experience or handling is possible.

The integration unit includes the F10 iCon ink supply system with automatic cleaning, to constantly feed the printing units and maintain optimum viscosity, temperature and pressure. Sealed, pressurecontrolled chambered doctor blade systems enable direct, foam-free transfer of ink or coating to the anilox rollers, ensuring a consistently clean printed image.

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