Duplex diameter provides flexibility

Cason's new slitter

ITALY •  Sturdy frame, “zero gravity” technology and customizable software are the key point of Duplex Diameter which introduces to the market, the Dual Function Technology: “duplex” and “simplex”.


Duplex is the traditional material slitting onto to two rewinding shafts, high speed ( 700 m/min), maximum diameter up to 800 mm and narrow bands (from 25mm); “Simplex” is to rewind/trim rolls up to 1000 mm diameter and 1000 kg reels in the bottom shaft also allowing back rewinding and waste material elimination.

The Duplex Diameter concretely combines and integrates in one machine the higher productivity slitter with a heavy duty rewinder solution, offering the maximum flexibility and highest productivity that the markets request. One operator, one space, one machine, two different functions.

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