Erhardt+Leimer refines colour line sensor

The FE 52 color line sensor with the DO 4021 command station. Here, the guiding criterion is the letter L' in the print image.

GERMANY • The FE 52 colour line sensor by Erhardt+Leimer has been used for web guiding in the printing and converting industries, mainly in printing presses and slitter rewinders. Now the company further develops its sensor with a so-called trigger mode.


According to the company, the new sensor allows web guiding by an individual criterion within the print image. This individual criterion can be a colour line or a contrast, for example an individual letter. For this, an additional print mark sensor and an incremental encoder connected to the FE 52 are required for synchronization.

By means of the signals from these auxiliary sensors, the FE 52 is triggered to take a picture at the same position within the repeat. In addition, Erhardt+Leimer argues that if the guiding criterion is within the print image, no technical auxiliary lines are required that are used for web guiding only and are cut off after the printing process. This means that applying the trigger mode leads to material savings in the long term.

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