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Flexo & Gravure Global 3-2016

FGG 3-2016

Soldiering on through uncertainty is part of success.

It seems that, lately, nothing can be predicted. While the old adage, “Nothing is certain in life outside of death and taxes”, may be true, there are certain things we think we can count on: Summer will be warm and bring delicious berries, or ice cream makes everyone happy.


But it turns out too much rain makes summer cool and reeks havoc on the strawberry crop, and tragically, many of us are lactose intolerant.

This unpredictability seems to come from everywhere; it’s even in our magazine. The Brexit vote has seen a 2016 rife with uncertainty, and you can read about how that has changed the printing industry already in our Markets & Events section. The emerging markets many companies are counting on aren’t such a sure thing either, which rings through in many of the industry pieces we print.

One thing to remember though, is that we aren’t the first group of folks to deal with incertitude, and surely, we won’t be the last. In this issue, we feature a press manufacturer whose roots are almost a century old – it survived the uneasiness and guesswork that comes from everything from rebuilding a country and a continent after war to the digital revolution. In addition, we talk to a company celebrating its 70th anniversary by changing its name, its logo and its marketing strategy.

Both companies were participating in a global economy before the term had really gained traction. Mergers and emerging markets have been part of their terrain for years. It would seem that without acting through uncertainty, without calculated risk, there is little reward.

With the idea of calculated risk as a model, why not consider something new by looking through our article about product alternatives to films in packaging? Or read a technical article about how combining printing methods with hybrid presses may be the best way to produce packaging in an economical way. Maybe consider one of the newer lamination technologies with solventless

This issue also features our new “Digital Printing today” section, which includes more basic information on the process itself as well as what options are available for digital corrugated printing. All of these features give ideas on how things might be done differently, even if they may seem risky or at best, uncertain.

A lot of what makes this process so painful is the worry of what could happen if something goes wrong. We live in an imperfect world, and Sod’s law says if something can go wrong, it will, and at
the worst possible time, right? We feature an ink manufacturer that dealt with exactly that when an explosion and fire dealt a blow to its business. The comradery that surrounded this company and the way it’s thriving now are testament to the fact that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, in business and in life.

While emerging markets are unpredictable, there are plenty of companies still investing in offices in the Asian market or promoting new leaders in Latin American areas. Our industry news includes sales and acquisitions throughout the emerging market, regardless of their inconclusive nature. As always we are proud to present stories from across the globe, from the UK and Italy to Poland and Asia. One of our features unites a press manufacturer from Taiwan, a flexible packaging manufacturer in Thailand and a quality assurance company in Germany.

Also don’t miss the European Rotogravure Association’s section, where you can learn more about its Decorative and Packaging Conference held this year in the Ukraine. I’ll be helping to moderate this event, which will take place at the beginning of November, and I hope that many of you will join us in Kiev. For now, enjoy our issue, and take comfort in the fact that our magazine will, at the very least, help with your calculated risks through uncertain times.

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Sincerely yours

Rebecca Watson

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