Flexo Wash – Solvent free cleaning at Mondi Korneuburg adopted

AUSTRIA • Producing pre-made pouches in a variety of shapes and sizes, the plant prints rotogravure and flexo in up to nine colours. The stand-up pouches are offered with many add-on features for maximum convenience, such as re-closable openings and laser perforation. The Korneuburg plant is part of the international packaging and paper Group Mondi. Overall the firm has more than 25,000 employees and over 100 sites in more than 30 countries.

The new Flexo Wash Multi Cylinder Cleaner at Mondi Korneuburg can clean 24 cylinders per hour (Source: Flexo Wash)

Recently Mondi Korneuburg decided to move away from cleaning cylinders with solvents to instead clean them with a solvent free liquid. It had for years been cleaning cylinders in a machine that required manual cleaning. When it came time for Mondi to invest in a new cylinder cleaner, it looked for another solvent cleaning machine. Finally they decided for an automatic cylinder cleaner from Dortschy, the company that represents Flexo Wash in Germany and Austria.

Focussed on the well-being of its employees, since installing the Multi Cylinder Cleaner, Tarik Aslan, technical manager at Mondi Korneuburg claims they now measure less solvent in the working environment.Another benefit is that we could simply place the machine next to our press rather than invest in a new ATEX room,” he continued.

Mondi cleans 60-80 cylinders per day and each washing cycle takes seven minutes, plus rinsing and drying. In addition, the 2K inks that Mondi uses are cleaned in seven minutes if they are not left overnight. The Flexo Wash multi cylinder cleaner cleans two cylinders per wash. The cylinders are placed in a frame on a conveyor that automatically takes the cylinders through the washing, rinsing and drying process. Depending on the machine configuration, the Multi Cylinder Cleaner can clean up to 24 cylinders an hour.

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