Fogra – Colour managment symposium 2018

Dr Andreas Kraushaar, head of the R&D department “prepress technology” at Fogra (Source: Fogra)

The 6th edition of the international Colour Management Symposium event will take place on 28 February and March 1, 2018 in Munich. The motto of this event is: “Colour communication in 4C and multicolor printing – CMYK++”. An interview mit Dr Andreas Kraushaar, head of the R&D department “prepress technology” at Fogra

What is the philosophy behind the Fogra colour management symposium?


The idea behind this event is the creation of an international platform in the field of colour management. Under the leadership of the Fogra, an independent research organisation, industry experts from the supplying industries as well as from print-shops are informed about the latest technical challenges and future developments. In this context, colour management not only is a core competence but also an application independent process. Therefore, the flow of information is strictly based on real world experience and aimed to specific cases and core areas. The presence of all relevant developers of colour management systems, particularly many members of the International Color Consortium (ICC), which was founded by Fogra in 1993, ensures that everyone will find a suitable contact person and will get substantial answers to all its questions – I guarantee!

Which industrial sectors are served?

The symposium is aimed at the whole value added chain. It starts with the suppliers of hardware like inks, printing presses, display screens and colour matching cabinets, and software for applications like raster image processing (RIP) and proofing or evaluation of colour accuracy. However, the focus is on print and media service staff. They profit from the Fogra activities by deepening background knowledge, and also by application instructions suitable for immediate implementation in everyday production. In addition, the symposium also addresses agencies, production coordinators and branded goods manufacturers.

Which topics are relevant for package printing?

The bridge to package printing is established by the key aspects CxF/X-4 colour data exchange format and multi-colour printing. This means the precise definition of special colours and the respective implementation with processes like offset, gravure and flexo printing; and increasingly also with high speed inkjet printing (HIS). Particularly for package printing, the multi-colour process opens up huge potentials for cost reduction and quality improvement. However, there are also some obstacles – from design to proof and final print run – which are encountered with a practical orientation. Participants in the event will learn how to correctly interpret customer data and which interchanger standard is most suitable for the central process department. Package printers will report about their use of CxF/X-4 in multi-colour printing. Last but not least, experts for inline colour measurement will come together to discuss this central topic which is of increasing relevance for future quality assurance.

What are the other hot topics?

Apart from special colour communication and multi-colour printing in commercial and package printing, I am looking forward to the current developments in print simulation (spectral forecasting) for hard and soft proofing including innovative LED illumination, to novelties for the field of inline colour measurement, and quality assurance in 3D printing and the production of iPhones. By the way, the new Fogra Multicolour media wedge will also be presented for the first time at the colour management symposium.


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Fogra – A research institute for media technologies

The objective of Fogra Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien e.V. (Research Institute for Media Technologies) is to promote print engineering and its technologies in the fields of research and development, and to enable the printing industry to utilize the results of this activity. To this end the association maintains its own institute near Munich, with about 50 staff members including engineers, chemists and physicists. Fogra has about 800 members. About two third them are graphic art businesses

Fogra has technical committees dealing with the topics prepress, conventional and digital printing processes, postpress, functional products & identity cards. The institute transfers knowledge through a variety of publications, talks, consultancy and training activities and symposia. The literature database of Fogra is another important tool.

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