FTA – Flexography: Principles & Practices (FP&P)

USA • Before processes can be controlled, they have to be understood and version 6.0 of “Flexography: Principles & Practices (FP&P) 6.0” provides such basic information.

Version 6.0 of “Flexography: Principles & Practices (FP&P) 6.0” provides basic information on process control (Source: FTA)


In particular, it offers specialist knowledge to

  • understand the fundamentals of the flexo workflow
  • understand the core components, concepts and applications
  • understand what drives superior print quality

What Is FP&P?

When the founding fathers of FTA first assembled back in the late 1950s to begin discussions on the formation of a technology-focused industry organization, three major initiatives were proposed in order for this collaboration to achieve its established goals. One of these goals, undertaken in the early formative years, was the production of a comprehensive technical resource manual that could be used by printers to help them achieve the printing excellence displayed in the organizations newly formed awards competition—what would go on to become the “Excellence in Flexography Awards”. This publication, first introduced in 1962, was the initial FP&P.

But despite the increase in version number, FP&P 6.0 is more than simply an update of the previous edition. The majority of FP&P 6.0 is a complete re-write from any of its predecessors. It features 29 chapters (with additional content via download), hundreds of vibrant, full color illustrations, a detailed glossary of terms and an extensive troubleshooting guide.

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