Increased demand from the corrugated market

Pamarco has equipped itself with another multihit laser

USA • Pamarco Global Graphics has recently invested in additional laser engraving capacity for its plant in Warrington UK. Due to the recent success of its cell-engraving technology EFlo for the corrugated markets, Pamarco has equipped itself with another multi-hit ALE laser in order to meet the increasing demand and sustain high levels of customer service.


Nick Walker, General Manager of Pamarco Europe reported that this addition is also the latest phase of a 5 year strategic growth plan for the company, to which the European plant has been subject to increased investment for state of the art process equipment, in a bid to satisfy our global customers.

“Quality, consistency and service are our drivers and all our recent investments are key to achieving these efficiently, ensuring Pamarco quality is available at competitive pricing”.

Consistency and repeatability from job to job and plant to plant are demanded by our Global customers, whether for new press installations or the re-engraving aftermarket. Pamarco achieves repeatable quality through standardisation on the best process equipment, high quality coatings and industry-leading QC measurement devices. Our Lean manufacturing programme ensures that we remain streamlined and improve efficiency and competitiveness throughout all our operations.”

Despite being part of the overall strategic growth plan, the introduction of an additional laser at the Warrington plant was deemed vital in order to meet the increasing, current demand for its EFlo cellengraving technology. Pamarco’s EFlo technology has been delivering outstanding ink transfer consistency throughout the corrugated market to date, and its successes have made it necessary to increase capacity in the need to maintain its high standards of customer service.

David Parr, technical sales manager at Pamarco reported that EFlo’s recent success throughout the corrugated industry was largely down to its superior benefits over the traditional, standard ’60 degree’ screening.

“When it comes to anilox rolls, consistency is key – and EFlo gives you this consistency. The EFlo cells, have double length cells in the direction of printing, which offer several advantages for flexographic printing. First the elongated cells of EFlo can carry and deliver to the printing plate, a much larger amount of ink, than with conventional 60 degree hexagon cells. Secondly, the cells are engraved at a consistent angle of 75 degrees which ensures no clash with standard flexographic printing plate screen angles.

Finally and most significantly for the printer, the ‘open elongated’ shape of the EFlo cell in the direction of printing, gives a substantial increase in ink transfer to the printing plate. This means that screen counts can be increased, without compromising Depth: Opening ratios, maintaining good support to Flexo plate dots and providing excellent ink film thicknesses on to the printing plate. It also helps to keep anilox cells cleaner for longer, helping to reduce downtime, loss of print density and quality”.

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