Janoschka receives ERA Packaging Gravure Award 2015

GERMANY • On behalf of the recent ERA Packaging and Decorative Conference in Izmir, Janoschka has received the ERA Packaging Gravure Award 2015 for the premium tobacco brand packaging “JTI Mevius”.


Janoschka’s entry of “JTI’s Mevius” brand packaging was favoured for the cartonboard class. According to the company, the brand is the most popular one in Japan and in Asia.

Printed samples were judged by a jury of print experts according to various aspects of product quality, e.g. register tone (density, gradation and colour balance), detail, evenness of print (missing dots, moiré etc.), job complexity, and absence of printing faults (such as scumming, doctor-blade lines etc.).

The ERA Packaging Gravure Award is regularly presented for printing challenges within different categories, e.g. flexible packaging, labels or shrink wrap sleeves.

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