Kampf – First Converting 4.0 network meeting

Professor Dr-Ing Christin Brecher, deputy director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT during his lecture on “Networked, Adaptive Production - Today and in the Future” (Source: Kampf)

GERMANY • In November 2017, the first Converting 4.0 network meeting took place at Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik. More than 70 visitors from 40 companies dealing with the topic slitting and winding of web-shaped materials as well as specialists from the automation, IT and sensor industries attended the event. In addition, also interested visitors of some specialist institutes took part.

The German Federal Government communicated the project “Industry 4.0” with the aim of interlinking industrial production with modern information and communication technology. A networking of all systems in the course of the “Industry 4.0 Process” is of central importance for the metal and electrical industry as well as the exporting machine construction industry. Kampf made this topic a lead theme of its development agenda at a very early stage. The company founded the “Converting 4.0” network. The goal was to create solutions for the digitized processes of the future in interdisciplinary teams – to great success. In spring 2017, Kampf presented the new product “the@vanced” as the basis for a partner network to map the entire value chain, and the first external network pioneers started together with the company.


The new integrative platform the@vanced received a thoroughly positive market feedback. This software serves as an instrument to increase efficiency, not only of the slitting and winding technology, but of the entire production process. Products or components are networked on this platform, and the data is holistically evaluated and used to initiate appropriate optimization measures.

The first network meeting served to exchange ideas with interested parties, users and experts on digitization and networking. Kampf wants to inspire more people of innovative companies, to continue the idea of Industry 4.0 together as – so the idea of Converting 4.0 – the networking of systems begins with the networking of people.

In addition to the lecture by Professor Dr.-Ing. Christin Brecher, Deputy Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT with the topic “Networked, Adaptive Production – Today and in the Future”, the following topics were on the agenda:

  • Entry into the digital future
  • Transformation of a medium-sized company
  • Converting 4.0 – Connecting-Innovative-Networks
  • Agil-Collaborative-Organization.

 The participants also received detailed information about the integrative platform the@vanced. In the afternoon workshops were offered, the results of which were discussed in a concluding discussion. The feedback from the participants was consistently positive. The developed thematic memory is well filled and serves to plan other networking events. Since one thing is certain: The Converting 4.0 network continues to grow.

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