Kunshan Fuhua installs “nyloflex NExT Exposure FV” and “nyloflex Digital Washer FV”

Kunshan Fuhua decided to install a “nyloflex NExT Exposure FV” and a “nyloflex Digital Washer FV”

CHINA • After a series of tests, Kunshan Fuhua decided to install a “nyloflex NExT Exposure FV” unit from Flint Group. Furthermore, the Chinese flexo trade shop bought a “nyloflex Digital Washer FV”.


According to Flint Group, the nyloflex NExT exposure technology utilises a high intensity UV-A LED light source to conduct rapid crosslinking of the photopolymer surface. The high UV-A output results in a virtual 1:1 image reproduction from the digital file to the finished plate. In flexible packaging, printing plates exposed with this technology allow good ink transfer, particularly in solids due to the option to reproduce surface screening structures. And in corrugated printing, fluting will be reduced.

Moreover, Flint Group argues that the nyloflex Digital Washer FV equipment is suited for processing digital and conventional photopolymer printing plates. The digital layer separation and a faster washout speed, due to additional brushes, shorten the processing time and two solvent cycles reduce the contamination of the washer and enable clean processing of the printing plates. The viscosity and temperature control device ensure consistent processing conditions and optimised solvent consumption.

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