"FlexiProof Unit"

Monitoring interaction between printing ink and substrate

UK • “FlexiProof 100” and the associated “FlexiProof UV” and “FlexiProof LED UV” of RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd. are flexo pre-press devices used for conducting feasibility trials, for research and development and for monitoring ink/substrate interaction.


According to RK, an advantage of the FlexiProof concept are that they are cost effective and replicate the processing conditions likely to be experienced in the real world.

The FlexiProof unit is a scaled down yet exact version of a full sized flexographic production press. Used for trialling new products, the device can be used instead of a production press for pilot runs, for determining printability on a range of substrates, and for colour matching, the preparation of customer presentation samples, and for ensuring accuracy in batch production situations. Moreover, RK argues that proofing and curing inline with the FlexiProof UV offers additional benefits in that it highlights problems associated with the use of UV inks.

Other RK Print Coat Instruments equipment and systems being used for the development of new products and for quality control and small-scale production includes the “Rotary Koater” and “VCM” (Versatile Converting Machine). Each of these systems enables users to select from different print and coating head technologies. These systems can include hot air, infrared drying or UV curing and laminating possibilities include both wet and dry.

A compact LED (Light Emitting Diode) UV curing system for use with LED optimized flexographic inks completes the current line-up of FlexiProof devices. The FlexiProof LED UV features lamps that offer a tailored output either at the important 385 µm or 395 µm wavelength.

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