New cleaner for anilox rollers developed

USA • To ensure anilox equipment is producing optimal results the manufacturer developed the Anilox Surface Cleaner. This specially formulated cleaner is ready-touse and designed to remove surface stains and residue blemishes from the surface of ceramic anilox rolls.


The proprietary emulsifier helps to break down and loosen surface stains including water and ink marks, surface line blemishes, and coating residue. It is especially effective on coatings containing silicone. In addition to cleaning anilox rolls, this concentrated cleaner can also be used on press components and accessories.

To use in the most effective manner, simply spray a liberal amount of the Anilox Surface Cleaner (ASC) onto a HarperScientific X-Cel pad.

Then, using a circular motion, work the ASC into the stained area keeping it wet for two to three minutes. Wipe the area clean using the combination of a cloth or X-Cel pad with an alcohol-based solvent. Rinse and dry the surface and the stain will be gone. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong the life of equipment and provide higher quality, consistent results.

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