New eDossier: The angles of AM screens

(Source: G&K TechMedia)

The angles of amplitude modulated screens (AM screens) is quite a current printing problem. Even so it hardly attracts the interest of experts and the solutions available are anything but satisfactory. However potential future developments could make this issue a major focus of concern.

Most graphic printing methods use halftone printing. Gravure printing is an exception, but this process also runs in a semi-autotypical way today (variable depth gravure cells) and therefore is also the ob­ject of the following technical con­ditions.


Halftone printing processes only consist of two inking conditions: Inking of the image elements or non-inking (on/off; yes/no; binary) of the background. For the genera­tion of halftones for the reproduc­tion of printed images screening technologies are used. Comparable to the electronic image which is captured in pixels, the printing ar­eas are split into small sub-areas, each provided with a degree of ink coverage according to the respec­tive tonal value. This means: the lower the tonal value, the thinner the ink coverage.

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