New light-weight carbon fibre chamber doctor blade system

DENMARK • Tresu Group has launched a programme of lightweight carbon fibre chamber doctor blade systems, offering improved chemical resistance, optimised flow and safe, easy handling in all flexo printing situations.


The carbon fibre composition gives the chamber high-strength qualities, enabling a relatively low weight of between 2.4 kg and 4.1 kg per linear metre, and thus making chamber exchange easier. Inside the chamber, a top-coated inkrepellent surface offers extra protection against ink and detergents with high and low pH-values and ensures efficient, thorough cleaning after job completion. Furthermore, curved inner surfaces maximise volume and facilitate controlled discharge. The chamber’s design also enables ink and coating circulation in relatively low volumes.

The units offer pressure-controlled ink and coating circulation with manual or closed-loop control systems, like the TresuF10 iCon Ink Control System.

They feature Tresuss patented seal system, preventing leakage, and stainless steel blades whose clamping system enables one of the fastest possible changeovers in the industry, which is within two minutes.

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