New look for sleeves through personalized character

New branded Twinlock Sleeves

THE NETHERLANDS • Polymount is now able to print a logo and all the required information on the Twinlock Sleeves. This development was created in the design and branding of the product. This all started following the recent cooperation agreement with Gallus.

During discussions they expressed a desire to print their logo and other relevant information on their sleeves. Ever since then we print their logo, the repeat length, production date, sleeve serial number and a barcode on all of their Twinlock Sleeves. Soon afterwards, Polymount decided to make this the new standard for the sleeves and started printing on all the sleeves produced since March 2015.

The logo on the Twinlock Sleeves gives them a more personalized character. They no longer look like just a standard white, green, blue or black sleeves. Users should make sure that Plymount receives their logo in an EPS format so they can print it in high resolution.

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