Editorial: Always be in time to safeguard the future

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Always be in time to safeguard the future

In view of the most dynamic processes of change and innovation affecting the packaging industries, one may become a little concerned. For example, flexible packaging must be capable of recycling and the development of digital printing processes continues to make giant steps forward.

Do not miss trends

As many printing press operators are heavily involved in their everyday work, there is often not much time left to get thmeselves informed about current developments within the package printing industries. Actually, it should be the other way round although this is not always so easy in the face of the daily workloads. Although it may sound strange, this already precarious situation is made even worse by a high number of orders and the resulting full utilization of the operators and machine time. This might create a situation, where important trends are ignored and corresponding necessary investment is not carried out in time.


Against this background, business events like the upcoming Fachpack show in Germany, Indoprint in Indonesia. Pack Expo in USA and All In Print China are ideal platforms to gain information and do networking. This serves the overall purpose to get inspirations for new business ideas which is a most effective approach for safeguarding the future of your print shop.

Trend #1– Digital printing

According to the latest FINAT Radar report, European digital label press installations overtook conventional press sales for the first time in 2017. Although this refers to narrow-web printing, it sheds a significant light on current trends, which will definitely not leave the package printing industry unaffected.

A current proof for this is the fact, that also Windmöller & Hölscher, the German suppliers of machinery and systems for production and converting of flexible packagings, recently announced that it has reached a first milestone in its development project for a new digital package printing press using inkjet technology. In addition, branded goods manufacturers increasingly recognize the promising benefits of digital corrugated pre-print. For example, this process enables the single-pass printing of a high variety of printed images (up to 30) onto the liner board without any additional cost.

Trend #2 – Recyclable film packaging

The companies APK and Royal DSM indicate the “End-o-Life” cycle of multi-substrate-layer PE/PA6 packaging films by utilising the “New cycling” APK process. This should enable its users to regain high-quality resin from waste of mixed plastic and multi-layer compounds, with the latter often used to achieve barrier properties for certain packaging applications. According to the aforementioned companies, this is not possible with conventional recycling processes. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the first commercially run Newcycling plant will be operational.

Therefore – be always right on time for your own sake!


Armin Karl Geiger
Editor Flexo&Gravure Global

You can order the September issue of Flexo & Gravure Global, 3-2018, as usual as printed or digital version in the shop of G&K TechMedia – covering compact lamination machines (Part 1), what will the package print shop of the future look like?, Sense and nonsense of packaging and more! 

The brand new issue of Flexo & Gravure Global, 3-2018, is now available in our shop!


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