The stand-up pouch cracks the 45 billion mark in Europe already in 2017

Consumption of stand-up pouches in Europe in million units 1996 to 2017 (Source: Schönwald Consulting)

In 2014, Schönwald Condulting estimated that in the year 2018 in Europe almost 45 billion stand-up pouches would be used. This mark has already been reached 2017 and even slightly exceeded.

This is the result of the latest study by the German market research company called “The Market for Stand-Up Pouches in Western, Central and Eastern Europe 2017 to 2020 – Consumption, Spouts, Sales and Outlook”. Already in 2017, Europe-wide 45.7 billion stand-up pouches were used and thus almost 1 billion more than forecast. Overall, the stand-up pouch in Europe has experienced an increase of 17 times since the beginning of its triumph in the mid-1990s.


The investigation includes eleven countries and groups of countries. With Austria and Switzerland, the Benelux countries, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain, Russia and Ukraine, the Scandinavian countries and the other European countries, the market research covers the entire European area with 742 million consumers.

The study is based on nine market segments. Beside food retorted and non-retorted, pet food retorted and non-retorted, beverages and non-food. In addition, food products non-retorted, beverages and non-food were split, and consumption in these headings was determined with and without spouts. The reason for this differentiation is the increasing expectations of consumers for convenience and easy handling of the products, resulting in an increasing demand for re-closable stand-up pouches.

The consumption of stand-up pouches of all countries and groups of countries is indicated per market segment for 2017 and as an outlook to 2020. As stand-up pouches are pre-made or manufactured and filled in-line, the percentage of both pouch variants per market segment is shown and shows the different distribution from segment to segment.

Sales figures for stand-up pouches in Europe, listed according to the above-mentioned nine market segments, are also part of the investigation. The figures are expressed in millions of Euros for 2017 to 2020. Schönwald Consulting expects an increase in sales of 15% during this period.

Hardly any other type of packaging offers a larger selection of material combinations, sizes and shapes. The amount of laminates required for the production of the stand-up pouches is also part of the study and is indicated in square meters. Up to 2020, an increase in demand of 10% is expected. 190 tables and graphs illustrate the results of the 186-page study, which has been published in English.

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