Thimm – New e-commerce security solution

GERMANY • The company launches Thimm parcelProof, a new generation of shipping packaging solutions with tamper-proof locks. The single-material solution made from corrugated cardboard prevents unauthorized access and ensures the authenticity of the shipped goods.

Thimm parcelProof is a new generation of shipping packaging solutions with tamper-proof locks (Source: Thimm)


The shipping packaging includes a tamper-proof lock which means it cannot be opened without damaging it, so the recipient can immediately recognise on receipt that the packaging is intact. The final recipient simply uses the thin tearoff strip to open and unpack the box. The packaging is easy to dispose of and recycle because the external material proportion of the packaging is much less than five percent. Other sealing methods are not required. The pre-glued automatic floor is primarily used for products that are quickly and manually finished.

The sophisticated print images on the packaging have been created using the digital web press technology of Thimm and Christiansen Print. Every box size has been created in a customised design. The colours used are water-based and suitable for indirect food contact.

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