Flexo & Gravure Global 4-2017

Turning within the width of a circle

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As the year ends, it’s natural for us all to reflect on the lessons learned, triumphs and failures experienced and upon the passage of time. The wheel is ever turning as our lives and all that humans are involved in evolves, devolves and revolves. Today it is clear as we move into 2018 that the economic centre of our planet is moving from Europe and the Americas to the fast growing Asian economies of China, India and the Far East where increasing numbers of consumers are entering the marketplace, demanding the same living standards and comforts that most of us in the West have long enjoyed.

As the economic wheel rolls ever eastward, we see many of the forward thinkers within our industry beginning to adapt and plan accordingly. Undoubtedly we will see that the reaction to the market tastes and further development of products for Asia will become the next evolution of the industry. In the current issue, we are able to present to you selected results from an Asian market survey conducted over the last few months as industry experts weighed in on this very topic. That said, we invite you to email us with your own answers and we will post them online next year.


As we focus on the revolutions of the big economic wheel, we should not forget that much of what still determines quality the world over comes down to small details, especially in the case of the successful developments of anilox rollers. Indeed, this is a world of millimetres, based upon precision, where the largest challenges come from almost minute changes; and where far-reaching solutions depend on consistently solving tiny problems.

Our challenge in the 21st century
This is our challenge then in the 21st century: with our vast, interdependent economic world, where mysterious forces constantly bring us fresh fruit and vegetables no matter the season. We must understand, that global decisions do affect our communities and come right down to what we can choose to place on our own dinner plate. From my desk, through this magazine, we have the privilege of seeing across the width of the many circles that you work within. Indeed, looking back upon these last four issues of Flexo & Gravure Global, the first four I have had the pleasure to be associated with, I realise I will never look at groceries, packaging and printing in the same way again.

Now as I write this, I am speeding down a precision dependent German rail line that will take me to an even more precision dependent aircraft and, eventually to my loved ones on the other side of the world in the United States of America for our Thanksgiving celebration. Dear readers, as we enter this holiday season, all of us at G&K Tech- Media and especially those of us who publish the web posts, daily, weekly and quarterly news, articles and information that you hopefully enjoy, would like to thank you again for your time, interest, attention, input and feedback. We also greatly appreciate the support of our advertisers and those throughout the industry we serve. We wish you all a wonderful season and may the wheel of good fortune turn for each of you in 2018.


Michael Buchsbaum



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