Vetaphone and Tresu – First corona treater for sheet-fed presses announced

corona treatment for sheet fed presses
Tresu predicts double-digit sales of the iCoat 30000 units with Vetaphone Corona Treaters to carton houses around the world.

DENMARK • Danish suppliers of surface treatment, Vetaphone, and Danish press manufacturer, Tresu, have combined to show the first example of a corona treater working on a sheet-fed press line. The Vetaphone VE1A-J has been developed to work with the Tresu iCoat 30000, which is designed to work inline with the B2-size HP Indigo 30000 sheet-fed digital press.

The TRESU iCoat 30000 is available as a single or twin coat modular unit and, according to Tresu, is capable of handling UV or water-based varnishes for a variety of folding carton applications.

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