Flexo Wash – Will exhibit cleaning equipment at ICE Europe 2017

DENMARK • At Hall A5, Booth 1116 at ICE in Munich from 21 to 23 March, Flexo Wash will be exhibiting a variety of cleaning equipment that, according to the company, can help printers improve quality, maintain aniloxes and cylinders, and simply save money—all helping them become and stay more competitive.

Flexo Wash
This Flexo Wash machine is for cleaning with environmentally friendly liquids. Flexo Wash will be at Hall A5, Booth 1116

Flexo Wash will be exhibiting machines for the flexo, coating and gravure industries.

The company’s machines can clean from one to several anilox rolls and cylinders per wash. The Flexo Wash Anilox and Cylinder Cleaners allow, says the company, high print quality and, at the same time, the ability to maintain the integrity of the anilox rolls.

Flexo Wash’s fully automatic anilox roll clears are designed to deep clean and restore large aniloxes. The company’s fully automatic Parts Washers are also available in dfferent sizes. They can be built for cleaning with solvents, eco-friendly liquids, alkaline liquids, and eco-friendly distillable liquids. All Flexo Wash Parts Washers can be customised accordign to specific press needs and parts.

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