Laserclean – Cleaning of Anilox rollers replaced by lasers within 5 years

NEDERLANDS • From March 20-23 Laserclean, a Dutch developer and manufacturer of laser cleaning machines for the printing industry, will simultaneously exhibit at both ICE and CCE in Munich. The company welcomes readers to Hall A5, Stand 784 at ICE and to Hall B5, Stand 968 at CCE, to discuss the future of laser cleaning.

Laserclean’s products and information will be on display at Hall A5 Stand 784 at ICE and to Hall B5, Stand 968 at CCE in Munich March 20 to 23

Recently many printing companies have switched to laser cleaning for periodic deep cleaning of Anilox rollers. Laserclean states that laser cleaning creates the best cleaning results, removes all inks, residues and polymers while restoring the surface tension of the roller. This, according to the company, results in the highest quality printing being done with a reduced ink-use, no chemicals, granulates or water.

With constantly improving laser technology, more and more companies are starting to use laser cleaning for everyday cleaning of Anilox rollers. This is a huge step forward towards higher printing quality and reducing impact on the environment. Martin de Wit, founder of the Dutch firm Laserclean, predicts that in the next 5 years laser cleaning becomes the new standard.

Since 2003 Laserclean has been developing, manufacturing and selling laser cleaning machines for the printing industry. The company’s latest mobile laser unit, the ALCS 2500 is light—weighing 70 kg (154 lbs), fast—operating up to 2.5 m/hour with the largest rollers (8 fpm), and, according to the company, easy to use. The ALCS 2500 S can be used for off-line cleaning of rollers up to four meters long (13 ft) and 800 kg (1764 lbs). For smaller rollers and sleeves, Laserclean introduced the JNL 2200, an off-line laser cleaning machine for rollers up to 2.20 meters (7 ft) and 300 kg (662 lbs).

Laserclean operates several similar systems to provide cleaning service at customer’s factories all over Europe, and exclusive partners deliver this service worldwide.

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