Spanntec Wickelsysteme – Smart Services to be on display at ICE Europe 2017

Spanntec’s portfolio of Smart Products will be on display during ICE Europe 2017 at Hall 6, Booth 437(Photo Credit: Spanntec)

GERMANY • From March 20 to 23, Spanntec Wickelsysteme will present aspects of the company’s “Smart Services” portfolio that has transformed individual clamping shafts and winding chucks from separate components into digitized products at Hall 6, Booth 437.

Spanntec’s portfolio will be on display during ICE Europe 2017 at Hall 6, Booth 437 (Image: Spanntec)

According to Spanntec, thanks to products from the company’s “Smart Services” portfolio, businesses are now able to record relevant status data from the current winding process in a digital solution.


Incorporating this information into complex systems and processes helps to streamline the production process and ensure the quality of the final product. Spanntec claims to be the first manufacturer of clamping and winding technology to use this process to provide basic and up-to-date data for the reel tightening units that are so important to the production process.

“Spanntec Smart Services” are made up of various sub-systems: the Spanntec Service App, Spanntec Smart Products, and the CMS-Controller.

The Spanntec Service App was first launched with the DRUPA2016. This App enables users to identify reel tightening units based on their manufacturer and manufacturing numbers; display up-to-date product-relevant information and documents over the Internet; submit service inquiries and expedite processes.

Spanntec Smart Products are intelligent reel tightening units that contain a specially-developed CMS-Sensor so that they can use the “Spanntec-CMS (Condition Monitoring System)”. This tool enables measurements and operating data (like operating pressure, speed and temperature) to be transferred wirelessly from the “Smart Product” in question to the CMS-Controller.

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