AMB – Solventless printing, Multivac packaging catalysts for second plant

ITALY • Being constructed alongside the existing general headquarters, the new facility will be used for the manufacture of layered plastic films for the food sector as well as logistics and some administrative offices.

AMB’s existing facilities are too small to keep up with demand, driving the company to expand (Source, AMB)

Situated in San Daniele del Friuli, in northeastern Italy near Udine in a region famous for its Prosciutto ham and other fruits and vegetables, the increase in production capacity comes with the purchase and installation of new extrusion equipment. Scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, AMB will soon be able to achieve an overall productivity equal to 65.000 tons, 15.000 of which should come from the new plant. The 230 people currently employed in the original facility will be joined by another 41 employees in the second plant, soon reaching a total of 110 in the latter.

The EUR 15 million 2017 to 2018 expansion investment allows the company to forecast a turnover greater than EUR 100 million this year (2016 turnover was EUR 89.3 million). 2018’s goal is to reach a turnover of EUR 113 million.

A commitment towards sustainable production is also part of the company’s expansion plans. Today AMB manufactures products using recyclable single component materials divided into various layers and used for different purposes. Using completely water-based production, AMB claims it was the first company in Europe, beginning in 2014, to move to eliminate the use of solvents.

Additionally, stemming from a partnership with Multivac, AMB has launched another project focussing on sustainability, safety and waste reduction: Multifresh production. Launched in 2016, Multifresh has since adopted a stronger barrier to oxygen and a skin effect which allows customers to see and touch a given product with no alterations. Multifresh allows many products to reach a 21 day shelf life, also helping decrease food wastage.

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