Bobst – Folienprint increases production with two 20SIX flexo presses

Folienprint employees in front of the brand new Bobst 20SIX presses (Source: Bobst)

SWITZERLAND  After a construction period of almost one year, Folienprint, a print shop for flexible materials and part of the Rako group, started operating its two new Bobst 20SIX CI flexo presses in its expanded production hall.

Folienprint employees in front of the brand new Bobst 20SIX presses (Source: Bobst)

The new 10-colour machines have a web width of 1,100 mm (43”) and a maximum repeat length of 800 mm (31.5”) at a maximum production speed of 400 m/min (1312 fpm).


Both machines feature Bobst’s smartGPS graphics positioning system as well as the Low Energy Operation (LEO) mode. This allows the number of positioning and register errors to be reduced, while LEO cuts energy consumption during production as well as when the machines are in standby mode. Here Bobst has focused on reducing the main energy consumers of a printing machine: drying, compressed air, drives and the ink washing systems.

Thus Bobst has installed frequency-controlled fans for drying that optimise power consumption as a function of speed. The drive motors are also equipped with an energy recovery system while the ink system possesses special energy-saving stirrers. What is more, the ink delivery and washing systems possess programmable washing cycles that also help reduce solvent consumption.

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