Bobst – Making an impact at gravure open house event

Italy n Held on the 11 and 12 May at the company headquarters in San Giorgio Monferrato, the “Extending the scope, new technologies for gravure” forum and open house was attended by 180 guests, including 150 worldwide convertors.

Demonstration of the RS 6003C HS gravure press in front of the large audience of participants, Source: Bobst

After a quick overview of the Bobst gravure product range, Giovanni Caprioglio, sales & marketing director, gravure and lamination product line, pinpointed the two main areas of improvement in the latest configuration RS 6003C HS gravure press. These included a new dryer technology and revisited inking systems, which have been developed along four main requirements of performance, ergonomics & safety, environmental sustainability and energy savings.

Backed by data, which were then verified during the machine demonstration in the afternoon, Caprioglio illustrated how the quantum efficiency of the new twin flow drying system not only enables the shortening of the length of the dryers and lowers the residual solvent on the web to unprecedented levels in the industry, but also how it impacts in a cascading way on the performance of other functions, improving the overall press performance.

The presentation of the latest High Speed Meter roller (HSM)  and Multi-Purpose Inking (MPI) designs, alongside their technical specifications and respective advantages, more broadly illustrated Bobst’s approach and proximity to its customers worldwide.

A presentation of  Bobst Services given by Julien Laran, head of supply chain & operations and Mathieu Robyr, head of technology deployment, also focused on the pursuit of innovation and excellence. The division is enhancing its capabilities to serve web-fed machine customers more rapidly with the technical personnel workforce scheduled to be increased by over 50% over the next 3-4 years.

After lunch, the participants moved to the production plant of Bobst Italia, where the company showcased a 9-color RS 6003C HS gravure press, with a 1300 mm in print width.

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