Caihua – Acquires new Comexi CI8 offset press

SPAIN  The Chinese firm has just acquired a new Comexi CI8 offset press which joins a fleet of Comexi’s laminators and slitters at its headquarters in near Shanghai. Though this is Caihua’s first offset printing press, three years ago the company acquired three other Spainish-made Comexi machines as well.

The Chinese printing firm, Caihua, has acquired its first CI8 offset press, that now joins a fleet of Comexi press machines (Source, Comexi)

Caihua has invested in the CI8’s technology following the Chinese government’s latest policy upgrade that encourages enterprises to invest in the protection of the environment, focus on saving energy and reducing consumption, while decreasing overall CO2 emissions. Since 2015, the Chinese government has imposed strict controls of VOCs emissions. The CI8 press replaces solvent inks for EB curing technology, which allows use of solventless, VOC-less inks.

According to Comexi, the CI8 offset press is characterized by the use of lithographic plates, with an approximate saving of 95% compared to photopolymers or engraved cylinders used in traditional flexography or gravure technologies. The press prints in 8 colors with a band width of 900 mm (35.4 in) to 1.100 mm (43.3 in) and a maximum speed of 300 m/min (984.2 ft/min).

Caihua is a multinational company with facilities in Japan, the United States, and Canada with expertise in the production and lamination of materials for the flexible packaging industry. Its products are widely used in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, electronics and food sectors.

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