Comexi – 180% growth in the Spanish and Portuguese markets

SPAIN • The supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, has widened its presence in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Since 2014 the company has registered a consolidated increase, managing an expansion of 180% in this last year alone, an unprecedented figure for the company in this area.

According to Comexi, the main factors behind this extraordinary rise have been the technological innovations brought about by the family of Comexi F2 flexo presses, the Comexi F4 press, the extensive technical training which the group provides through the Manel Xifra Boada Centre of Technology, Comexi CTec, and the extra drive generated in the customer service department.

Technological innovations brought about by the family of Comexi F2 MC flexo presses are one of the main factors for the extraordinary rise in market shares in Spain and Portugal (Source: Comexi

In particular, in the last four years more than 370 participants from 121 Spanish and Portuguese firms have shared in the different advanced training sessions conducted in Spanish and English which have been laid on at the Comexi CTec facilities. At the same time, the technicians from the Centre of Technology have offered upwards of 60 training sessions in the customers’ own facilities and in their consultancy services to more than 130 companies from around the world.

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