Comexi – Developing sustainable technologies

SPAIN • The company’s commitment to develop sustainable technologies has led to the divestment decision of its rotogravure print technology. Going forward Comexi will focus its investment on electron beam (EB) solutions for flexo and offset printing and in new innovations in digital printing.

The flexible packaging sector has to change its course significantly in order to make a meaningful contribution to the Paris agreement and the reduction of the impact of climate change. Solventless and solventfree print  lamination technologies has been a long-term ambition of Comexi and now becomes real with the technologies offered to the market. Brand owners are making more conscious decisions for flexible packaging solutions that are renewable and sustainable.


To underline Comexi’s commitment to sustainable solutions, it should be noted that it was the first company in the package printing industry that has an Environmental Product Declaration. This EPD is a fully certified Life Cycle Analysis of its flexo press and compliant with Product Category Rule UN CPC 494. It provides a full environmental impact analysis of the machine and its consumables related to global warming impact and ozone layer depletion amongst other LCA parameters. With this EPD, Comexi will continue its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of flexible packaging materials for the global consumer market.

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