Constantia Flexibles – Investment at Vietnamese plant

Oai Hung Manufacturing Joint Stock Co. is Constantia Flexibles’ subsidiary in Vietnam and the company’s largest supplier of Aluminum based blister foil (Source: Constantia Flexibles)(Photo Credit: Quinn Ryan Mattingly)

AUSTRIA • The Group’s pharma division is investing in new technology at its flexible packaging subsidiary. Ho Chi Minh City-based Oai Hung Manufacturing Joint Stock Co. will install a new printing machine and a laminator that represent a single-digit million euro investment.

The wide printing machine will have reverse printing capabilities to serve new trends in the home & personal care (HPC) and dairy lidding sectors. The duplex solvent-based adhesive laminator, which will be located in a clean room facility, is able to produce highadhesion structures required for premium sachet and pouch laminates. The new technology is expected to go on stream during the second half of 2018.


Constantia Flexibles’ Pharma division is the world’s second largest flexible packaging manufacturer for the pharmaceutical and HPC industries. It operates production sites in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Belgium and Vietnam. In 2016, Constantia Flexibles acquired 51% of Oai Hung, which is Vietnam’s largest supplier of Aluminum based blister foil.

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