Constantia Flexibles – Packaging solutions at Pack Expo 2018

Interactive packaging (Source: Contanstia Flexibles)(Photo Credit: Copyright © 2014 Michael Vorstandlechner)

USA • Constantia Flexibles will present the “packaging solutions of tomorrow” at the packaging show Pack Expo 2018 (14-17 October, Chicago). The company will focus on four pillars: sustainability, performance packaging, interactive packaging, and brand protection.

About 50,000 attendees and more than 2,500 exhibitors are expected at the PACK EXPO 2018.  At the Lower Lakeside Center, booth E-10325, visitors can learn more about Constantia Flexibles’ cutting-edge packaging solutions for the consumer industry, while at booth W-863 in the West Building outstanding packaging for pharma products will be showcased.


Sustainability: the Company focuses on recycle-ready solutions and will show its Ecolutions product line. Among other products, Constantia EcoLam, a Mono PE laminate applicable in a range of packaging applications. According to the company, it is lightweight , its OPE/PE structure is fully recycle-ready due to its mono-material structure and its carbon footprint is approximately 32% smaller than that of comparable products.

Performance Packaging: Details to Constantia Flexibles’ premium packaging solutions such as the film-based product CompresSeal will be available.

Interactive Packaging: Constantia Interactive provides digital communications and marketing opportunities in order to enhance consumer engagement with products. The company names the combination of digitally readable packaging material with a digital platform for data management and a smartphone app customizable to a range of customer needs.

Brand Protection: Over the last three years, food and beverage brands have been counterfeited as follows: up to 39% constantly, 12% several times a year, and 12% once a year. Constantia Flexibles is certified by the IHMA – the International Hologram Manufacturing Association. According to the company, its Constantia Flexibles’ SafeFamily product range offers several different features to protect brands from counterfeiting.

Visitors to Pack Expo 2018 find Constantia Flexibles at two stands:

– consumer packaging at the Lower Lakeside Center, stand E-10325
– pharma packaging at the West Building, stand W-863

Interactive packaging (Source: Contanstia Flexibles) (Image: Copyright © 2014 Michael Vorstandlechner)

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