Coveris – Fully recyclable PE film unveiled in UK

Coveris has unveiled a fully recyclable PE film in the UK (Source: Coveris)

UK • The packaging and engineered coatings manufacturer has partnered with British supermarket chains Co-op and Freshtime to introduce a fully recyclable PE film. The launch supports the company’s commitment to providing 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

According to Coveris, the PE film is designed to offer protective, functional and shelf-life benefits similar to existing non-recyclable solutions. Manufactured at the company’s Winsford facility, the film is made using PE material similar to the plastic found in recyclable carrier bags in the UK. It is designed to cater to the specific product needs of companies offering high-barrier, microwaveable and easy-open functions for lap, fin and weld sealed formats.


Coveris has also worked collaboratively with Co-op to offer recyclable solutions such as multi-layer PE film for cooked meats. The partnership is said to support Co-op to reach its 2023 target by introducing the new recyclable PE film across prepared vegetable lines. The PE film is also available across a range of Freshtime prepared vegetable lines in stores nationwide.

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