Dienes – Honoured with “Special Mention” award

GERMANY • Rudolf Supe-Dienes and Miriam Supe-Dienes received the “Special Mention” award of the German Brand Award, which honours work for special aspects of brand management and the commitment to the competitiveness of German brands.

Dienes received two awards, one for the brand management of its brand in the category “Industry Excellence in Branding – Corporate Brand of the year category Industry, Machines & Engineering” and the other in the category “Product Brand of the Year” for the brand management of the knife holder series “DS”.

Dienes received the “Product Brand of the Year” for the brand management of the knife holder series “DS”. (Source: Dienes)

Initiated by Germany’s design and brand authority and judged by a top-class panel of experts from brand management and brand science, the award discovers, presents and rewards brands and brand makers. Only companies nominated by the German Brand Institute, its brand scouts and expert committees for the German Brand Award 2018 can take part in the competition. Over 1,250 entries have been submitted this year.


Dienes – A brief portrait


Founded in 1913, Dienes is a supplier of knives, knife holders and robot slitting systems for industrial applications and are used in roll to roll and roll to sheet processes respectively. The company employs approximately 500 people and holds various national and international patents and is active in a wide variety of industries.


The company’s knives and knife holders are used to slit, scratch and perforate a wide variety of materials, such as packaging, labels, adhesive tape, battery foil, lithium-ion accumulators foil, nonwoven, cellulose, paper, core paper, aluminium, carbon material, and diaper closures.