Ecolean – Expansion with new production facility

An example of Ecolean’s lightweight packaging solutions (Source: Ecolean)

SWEDEN • The producer of lightweight packaging solutions for liquid food, expands its business and acquires a 30,000 sqm piece of land in Landskrona to establish a new production facility.

The increase in capacity corresponds to the need to meet the liquid food industry’s demands for Ecolean’s lightweight packaging solutions, which are made of as little raw material as possible, providing a low environmental impact throughout the packages’ life cycle.


According to the company, the new production facility will be up and running in 2020 and it expects to add around 100 new job opportunities within a few years’ time. The new production facility will be located only 20 km south of Helsingborg, where the company’s headquarters and one of their existing production facilities are located. Ecolean has 400 employees, half of which work in Helsingborg.

In addition to Sweden, Ecolean has one produc­tion facility in China and one production facili­ty under construction in Pakistan, estimated to start its operations in 2019. Ecolean collaborates with leading brand owners in approximately 30 countries and has eleven sales offices globally.


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