Esko – Delivers on promise to transform Yuncheng press

CHINA • Eight months ago, Esko promised the Asian platemaker that it would transform its prepress operations. Now both companies have determined the promise complete.

Yuncheng Logo

Yuncheng Plate-Making Co. Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is based in Shanghai, China. It produces rotogravure printing, embossing, die-cutting, hot stamping, soft rotogravure and ceramic cylinders as well as flexo plates. Headquartered in Shanghai, Yuncheng has 75 sites across China.

“Yuncheng had an existing software provider but was seeking a better solution that could drive automation, improve quality control and increase colour proofing accuracy, including proofing spot colors on its Epson printers and CMYK matching of spot colors. After a thorough market review, the company chose to work with Esko,” said Bjorn Willems, Esko’s General Manager Greater China.

After working with Yuncheng to understand the company’s production requirements, Esko recommended installation of its web-based project management system WebCenter, prepress workflow automation software Automation Engine and 14 licenses of PackProof – the solution for automated color-accurate proofing. Also installed across its network were a large number of DeskPack prepress tools and Esko’s Equinox, the total solution for the implementation of expanded gamut printing. All Esko solutions were up and running by the target project completion date.

During the test period, Yuncheng gained a greater understanding of what was possible with Esko’s solutions, and that encouraged them to think about what else they would like to be able to do. Yuncheng tested a variety of prepress solutions available in the market, but Esko’s Automation Engine is currently the only one that they found that efficiently handles real production to automate the prepress workflow. According to Esko, the next logical step is integration with Yuncheng’s MIS system to further automate tasks like job creation and 3D model generation, and to reduce redundant data entry in general.

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