ESMA Academy – “Industrial Digital Printing” course now also in English

GERMANY • After two successful German editions, ESMA, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Automation and Engineering (IPA) and Stuttgart Media University organise now the first comprehensive English course on all theoretical and practical aspects of digital printing technology for industrial applications. The event will take place on 5-8 November 2018 at the laboratories and conference rooms of (IPA) at Stuttgart.

The Academy is targeted towards companies who:


  • want to obtain a well-founded overview of digital printing technologies, especially piezo inkjet, to make educated decisions to what extent inkjet could be integrated in their production process,
  • want to obtain basic inkjet know-how in order to plan possible introduction of inkjet into their organisation and facilitate their investment decisions,
  • are planning to start with inkjet or have already installed inkjet equipment in their organisation but are still at the very beginning of the learning process.

The programme includes six theory and seven practical blocks on

  • Piezo inkjet
  • Inks and substrates
  • Curing
  • Printing equipment and machines
  • Colour management
  • Inkjet technology and its limits


Classroom training

The Academy offers a classroom/training environment with substantial practical experience. Participants will receive a fundamental know-how about the piezo inkjet process and accompanying topics such as inks, curing and colour management. All information is presented in a neutral fashion, pros and cons are examined, problems not left out.


In-depth overview

Goal 1: Participants receive a basic overview of digital printing technologies in general and a more in-depth look at the piezo inkjet technology. They will be able to decide for themselves if and to what level piezo inkjet or other digital printing technologies can be applied in their own production process chain.

Goal 2: For participants who have already made first steps with piezo inkjet in their companies or who are at the beginning of an integration process, this course will provide deeper know-how about the different core technologies. Investment decisions within their organisations will thus be founded on acquired knowledge and the proper use of the technologies.


The maximum number of participants is limited due to the number of laboratory stations and rooms. For more details and registration please click here.  

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